Learn How

In just 3 steps, you could be on your way to becoming a Denbighshire Ambassador.

1. Register

You must Register on the website before you can take the course.

Remember that your email will be your Username.

Upon registering you will be sent an email with a link to login.

The Register and Login buttons are in the top right corner of each page.

2. Take the Course

To become a Denbighshire Ambassador, you will have to reach the Bronze level certificate by passing 3 modules.

Denbighshire Ambassador Bronze Level
Each module is a mix of text, videos and images, with a quiz at the end about the module content.

*The Denbighshire Towns and City module has a quiz on each Visitor Information page.

The first two modules are mandatory:
Welcome to Denbighshire has one quiz at the end.
Denbighshire Towns and City has 6 short quizzes, each one is on the Visitor Information page of the module. Take the quizzes as you progress through the module, but don’t forget to click the ‘Mark Complete’ button on the module overview page.

When you have successfully passed the first two modules, you can choose your third module.

As soon as you have passed three modules a pop up window will tell you that you have achieved a Bronze level badge. The Denbighshire Tourism team will also be notified and you will be sent the Ambassador Welcome Pack, plus a downloadable PDF of your official Bronze certificate, to display at your place of business, and a certificate icon to post to your social media.

You will need to pass three further modules of your choice to reach the Silver level badge, upon which you will be sent a PDF Silver certificate.

Denbighshire Ambassador Silver Level

To become a Gold level Ambassador, you will only have to take one further module of your choice.

Denbighshire Ambassador Gold Level

3. Take the Quizzes

After successfully completing the first two modules, the remaining module quizzes will become available.

There are a variety of questions types such as

  • single choice
  • true or false
  • tick more than one
  • drag and drop the answers into the correct order (click and hold your mouse on the answers to move them up and down the order)
  • matching answers (click and hold your mouse on the answers to drag them next to the correct partner).

You need to score 80% or above to pass the quiz.

When you get your results, you can click to ‘View Questions’ to see which ones you got correct.

*Make a note of your correct and incorrect answers so that you know which ones to change when you retake the quiz.

Correct answers are in green, incorrect answers (or incorrect placement of answers) are in red.

A Few Things to Remember

  • All videos must be played IN FULL before you will be able to continue the module.
  • To find the Quiz for each module, you must scroll to the bottom of the module overview page and click the link. (Except the Denbighshire Towns and City module where the quizzes are on the Visitor Information pages.)
  • You have to pass the first two modules before the quizzes are released for the remaining modules.
  • If you do not pass the quiz on your first attempt. Click to ‘View Answers’ where you can take a note of those you got wrong, to improve your score next time around.
  • Please do not change your language once you have started the course. We cannot guarantee that your progress will be saved if you change languages.

TIP: Look out for these helpful blue and green Tips Box, which will highlight important features of the course.

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